Nelly the Spectre

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Nelly sighed, her arm in a sling.

"Damnit all… I just spent MONTHS fighting a campaign against a group of Terrorists being funded by your ‘Crew’… Do you really have to come to ME now?"

Her shoulders sagged helplessly. “Look, Merc, I’m… I’m not in the mood right now.”

The Return Of Nelly the Spectre.

Her suit bore several rushed patches, and was coated with grime and blood, some of it her own. Her arm hung at an odd angle, clearly having been broken by something much larger than her. In her working hand she clutched her Mantis Sniper Rifle by the stock. Shuffling in, she slings her rifle, slowly, behind her back and throws a salute.

"Nel’Reegar Vas August. Reporting for duty." She said, a surprising amount of strength in her voice.

Nelly was back.

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Saving Nelly



Isak was confused as Reave grabbed Nel’Reegar and placed her gently into a hovercar. Then his eyes landed on him and he scowled.

Isak rushed over, keeping low.

“Before you say somethin’ stupid, no, it was NOT me,” He began, “I called for help, Turian. I saw where the shot came from, I’ll see if I can’t track the fucker down. You keep the Quarian safe, understand?” He turned and un-holstered his assault rifle.

He stopped and turned quickly.

“I know you don’t like me, Turian, but that don’t matter much right now. She’s a Spectre, I respect that. Get goin’.”

Reave blinked with confusion, did this human - the same person he had a fist-fight in the middle of the street weeks ago; just offer to locate the person that shot Nelly? Reave was about to say something, but a quick glance at the bleeding quarian spectre sitting in the passanger seat interrupted his train of thought - he’ll have to question Isak later. Turning the vehicle on, Reave had the hatches of the hover-cat close before driving towards the nearby hospital. 

How did this happen? Why did this happen? Who would take a shot at his quarian? So many questions nagged within his skull - but there was no one to answer them. He turned to look at Nelly, seeing the blood continue to pour from her wound. He placed his right hand over her bleeding bullet wound; putting pressure on it to help stop the bleeding.

“Suit-rat, you still awake?” asked Reave, fearing the worse.

In answer, Nelly slid a blood-slicked hand over Reaves and squeezed it weakly. She groaned in pain as she tried to speak… It came out as another wet cough. She spat a mouthful of blood out and gave a weak chuckle…

“Everything is so bright…” She intoned, “Like… Like it was on Illium… Remember, Reave? It was… Romantic.” She said, tears beading in her eyes, “Reave… I don’t want to die… Not like this… Too much left to do…”

A sniper round pinged off of the car. If Nelly noticed, she didn’t mention it.

Isak however, did.

He watched the car leave, and the round smack into the Chassis. He whipped around and managed to follow the line back to a balcony. He narrowed his eyes and began to sprint through the crowds, pushing through with practiced effort.

Gotcha, fucker. He snarled as his eyepiece zoomed in and snapped a photo of the still visible sniper.


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For behold, tumblr! Your king is now here! (In megablock form.)

For behold, tumblr! Your king is now here! (In megablock form.)